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photo editing


If you have been following any of my previous content, you may have gathered that there is a handy little piece of photo editing software I have become pretty fond of using over the years. I have used this software to quickly edit photos taken with both the Nikon D80 DSLR camera, as well as a camera phone. 

The great thing about this software for me, is that it allows you to quickly achieve satisfying results and repeat them in only a few clicks. Plus there are a few super useful tools available, ideal for portrait, landscape and architectural photography.

augmneted-sky-befor-after-1200 x 900
hdr-aurora-bracketing-photos 1200 x 900

vector artwork

Some of the benefits of using vector artwork include;

 Vector artwork is highly suited for producing artwork for; instructional manuals and guides, product design
 visuals, fashion, logo design, packaging, advertising, typography, textiles and whatever else you throw at it.

a) enlarging a vector graphic doesn’t result in the image pixelating.

b) vector artwork is highly suited for producing artwork using both flat and tonal colour.


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